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Never a Dull Moment

The challenge of retrieving a bogged YFIG bus on the recent Post Seeding Field Walk was nothing compared to the challenges growers in the north are facing this season.

80 people toured Yuna to listen to key topics and learn from both industry and each other in getting through a tough hot dry spell. Decision making was a common theme by highlighting that the decisions we make this year, impact our ability to bounce back next year.

Key topics included: combating non wetting soils, mouldboarding pro's & con's, computerised weather stations & online tools, VRT & on farm trials, making use of unproductive soils with perennials, financial decision making in a tough season, then ending with the Forrest wheat variety highlight.

DAFWA Weather Station NE Yuna
Ashley Eastough & Tony Rosser - SE14 wetter trial to improve lupin establishment

NACC Perennials trial with Rob Grima's tips on making decisions in a tough season

Forrest wheat

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