Canola Seeding Olympics


A farm scale trial analysing establishment of Pioneer 43Y23 Canola comparing 4 seeding bars and 3 seeding depths.  Funded by COGGO and supported by North East Farming Futures.

Seeding Event Footage - compiled by Wayne Parker, DAFWA

Seeded 31st May 2016


Trial undertaken by Yuna Farm Improvement Group. Project funded by Council of Grain Growers Organisations.

1.58 - DBS bar 12inch tine spacings with single chute
2.28 - John Deere 1830 bar with 15inch tine spacings
2.59 - Modified DBS bar 12inch tine spacings with splitters and wide press wheel
3.33 - Morris Contour 2 Bar - 40ft with 12inch spacing, double shoot

Plant Counts


YFIG incoporated women's agronomy education with plant counts and canola seeding depths.

A group of women from Yuna took the opportunity to participate in valuable research for their local farming systems, while raising money for their local P&C.

Plant Count Analysis

Project Findings

Check out the YFIG journey of the Canola Seeding Olympics and key findings.

Research Report.

Western Aerial Mapping


Aerial footage used to monitor plant counts and compare manual method.

Western Australia's (DPIRD) network of automatic weather stations provide timely, relevant and local weather data to assist growers to make more informed decisions. 

Soil Moisture Probe

DPIRD together with CSIRO has been working on improving the data from the soil moisture probes across the state to more accurately reflect the site soil types where they are installed. 

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