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YFIG Spring Field Day 2020

A packed YFIG bus, 45 cars and 100 people toured the Yuna district last week on the YFIG 2020 Spring Field Day. We covered almost 200kms and a huge variety of topics all aimed at learning from each other, experiences from 2020, as well as whats coming in 2021.

With topics ranging from NVT wheat and barley, amelioration, reseeding, lime, weed control & 2021 chemistry, legume trials, farming with corporates, pest behaviour changes & control strategies. There was something for everyone and a pleasure to explore. We also welcomed those from outside our area who offer another element to discussion.

YFIG extends a huge thanks to our main sponsor Rabobank, as well as our community crop sponsors CSBP, Maisey Fuels and EBM. We also thank those that traveled, presented and contributed to discussion.


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