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Spray Application Efficiencies

Getting Your Head Right and getting more efficient with spraying is the focus for the first field day in the Northern Ag Region for 2019.

A collaborative effort between YFIG (Yuna Farm Improvement Group), NAG (Northern Agri Group) and EConnected Grainbelt DPIRD funds, the event highlights new legislation changes, getting the most from your boom, nozzle selection, weather impacts and basically becoming more efficient with chemical decisions and application.

Dennis Hoiberg witl close the day with his persuasive and humorous account of Getting Your Head Right for the road ahead. Brought back to Yuna by popular demand!

Mark Tuesday 12th February 10.30am in your diary and both lunch and dinner are supplied. For location and more info, check out the flyer and RSVP's will be greatly appreciated.

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