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YFIG embarks on large scale rainfall mapping project

Wildeye automatic rain gauge

"The coordinated deployment of a significant number of rain gauges within a localised region like Yuna is a unique opportunity to do some really accurate and high resolution rainfall mapping, by combining the rain gauge network data with the new Doppler radar network data. I'm really excited about the potential value of this to growers and am dead keen to be involved in a project that does it." says Kieran Couple from Outpost Central at the YFIG Crop Establishment Field Walk.

YFIG Crop Establishment Field Walk June 2018

YFIG members have self installed 50 Davis tipping bucket rain gauges using a long life battery powered logger & 3G telemetry. The farmer accesses their data via phone app, online software and email alerts/reports.

The group's pooled buying power means they can achieve efficiencies in manufacturing, logistics and support that is reflected in the price.

"We can see much better potential for users within the group to get some really definable and beneficial outcomes from a coordinated deployment of rain gauges when they can benefit from seeing data from gauges on neighboring properties, and within the wider region, a kind of 'crowd sourcing' approach to rainfall data collection."

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