Huge Spring Field Day

The 2017 season started poorly but with late winter rain, YFIG decided to pull together their annual Spring Field Day.

With seasonally relevant topics the event brought over 100 people together who negotiated their way around the Yuna district. There was a lot to fit in and a lot to learn from this season. Resilience has brought us from a drought beginning to hail, then diamond back moth and leaf rust.

But onward and upward while we plan a strategy to make the best of this season and plan for a cracking 2018.

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Western Australia's (DPIRD) network of automatic weather stations provide timely, relevant and local weather data to assist growers to make more informed decisions. 

Soil Moisture Probe

DPIRD together with CSIRO has been working on improving the data from the soil moisture probes across the state to more accurately reflect the site soil types where they are installed. 

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Spring Field Day Thursday 3rd