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Day 5 #yfigtour17 Grain storage, community pub & Boss

Everything comes down to efficiencies. Analyse your business and find some areas to improve efficiencies.   

From Moree we ventured to Pallamallawa to catch up with Stuart Tighe who operates 41,000ha with various partnerships and business models.  Massive grain storage capacity with the ability to attract niche markets.  If there's demand he will find somewhere to grow it.

Everything is about timing and getting it right, be as efficient as possible. A lot of efficiencies come with customising machinery and your system.  This includes locking down the budget.  

Phone network is a challenge, especially with getting farm data into the office.  IT is an important part of business and they are hamstrung by connectivity.  Network point to point around yard area, then another around home and office has made a big difference. 

Incorporating a 3D printer to help design and build customised items. Again, efficiencies.  Weather stations are vital, used regularly and widely.  

Irrigation systems was another phenomenal set up with mental calculations going overboard on water license costs vs commodity return.  

The 'Pally Pub' is a great story of rebuilding community pride and widely benefiting farm businesses and community groups.  4 families bought the pub when is was about to close.  It can now accommodate farm staff, raise funds for groups, provide meeting place and catering for events and bring the community together. It is well patronised. We enjoyed their hospitality!

There was a fair bit of workshop envy going on when the gents visited Boss Engineering.   Quality Aust made product heavily focused on providing good service to go with it. Their mission is to supply and produce the best quality product they can, customised to the needs of each customer.  Robots carry out repetitive tasks with precision, backed by tradies.  Big advantage for the Ag industry.  Once again a common theme, machinery efficiencies. 

Massive growth business starting with 4 owners, 20 staff 10 years ago, now 106 staff and still rapidly growing.

A very busy schedule and a lot to take in, the majority of snoozers needed to renergise to charge on in Byron.

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