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Autonomous tractors, infrastructure on steroids and pecans. Day 4 #yfigtour17

Crossing the border to NSW and into dry land farming country and so far there has been a lot to be gained from finding out what motivates people.  Thanks for the run down @Oscarthefarmer 

Beefwood Farms operate over 11000ha and with soil compaction such a big issue, the entire farm system is CTF. Autonomous tractors have been introduced for use in minimal operator input type activities, such as Weed Seeker fallow spraying and tramline renovation.  This technology fits well with 2-3km runs and open flat country. Compaction evidence was visually clear as we drove around the area.

Software and developers, Precision Makers, were using similar technology for mowing golf courses, then progressed into ag machinery. Whilst there's not currently an Aust distributor, it's not far away and WA is also targeted. A massive property with infrastructure on steroids and a large workforce. There is one dedicated employment recruitment officer using international backpacker casuals (a common theme).  

Even with this system in place and working well, local farmers still get together in the same way we do and discuss new ideas, technology, data collection and network coverage. Different place, different systems, same issues. 

Seeing as we experienced the Stahmann Farms pecan nut processing factory, we called into see where they grew in Trawalla. 68,000 pecan trees that can live up to 200 years and fetch around $6,500/t farm gate. 

Right on dusk we called into a linseed crop and had the opportunity to learn the pros and cons of the future of this growth industry. 

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