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Rabo, Global Farmers & Avocados Day 3 #yfigtour17

Rabobank and YFIG have a great relationship which was strengthened today by meeting the Toowoomba branch and their Client Council reps.  

Areas around Toowoomba grow almost everything as well as premium hard wheat and pulses. Vastly different soil types, sizes and seasons but still a lot to be gained from connecting with each other. 

This can be expanded worldwide by Global Farmers. A worldwide community of Rabobank expert staff, food and agri analysts for farmers to access a trusted platform of knowledge across the world. There's also an opportunity to connect grower groups around the world, seek employment and visit farms around the world. 

Next up a genetics licensing company owner and plant breeder, turned avocado farmer. The 1300 avocado and 300 macadamia nut trees near Ravensbourne QLD is far from quiet 'retirement'. It seems chemistry, spray and disease are constant challenges providing comfort in grains industry structure and pertinent levies allocation.  

Last challenge of the day, first to crack their nuts on the tow bar at the back of the bus!

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