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Jimbour Plains               Day 2 #yfigtour17

Kicking the day off with a Skype call from Canada with Trent Myer  over breakfast. A very exciting new innovation in autonomous machinery ready to hit the market.

The morning continued with a story of changing farming practices over time to combat challenges and improve productivity and sustainability.  A business structure using neighbours skills sets and working as a team with economy of scale that works for 5000acres.  The best ideas happen with a beer and a handshake!

A great blend of technology and simple common sense methods.  Weather stations as well as sticking a flag on the front of the sprayer.

Big differences with many similarities in moisture conservation and weed resistance. 

How far can we push our systems? Facial technology for weed ID, robotics and soil health are focus areas. 

Thanks to

Last stop for the day was with Ross Burling and Stahmann Farms nut processing factory who have created a family culture to sustain successful business.  This is the key to ensure maximum achievement for all elements and growth of the business. 

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