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YFIG Tech Tour begins #yfigtour17

Our team of 30 arrived into Brisbane keen and ready to roll!  

First stop, the University of Queensland Gatton Campus.  Their goal - to be energy neutral.  We checked out 1000ha of research into heat stress, drought tolerance, solar energy, remote monitoring, collecting and measuring data, developing tools to make better decisions.

Back to Uni

Drone and software development - exciting space for farmers

Solar farming - enough to power the campus and 1000 homes

Sensor mesh network of remote monitoring and communication - now a realistic possibility for our industry. 

Toowoomba Engineering building phenotype equipment targeting commidity planting. Motivated by ROI. Singulting (singular seed) planting made tough for Australian conditions. Watch this space for WA cost analysis on singulation seeding. 

Coming to WA CTF conference Aug17.

Universal Drones demo helping out precision spraying application 

Fixed wireless farm network.  Line of sight and height allows this to work, many applications once your system is set up.

Thanks McIntosh Dalby and the local Dalby butcher. Sensational BBQ and Depot!!

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